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Looking back: the top 10 news stories of 2017


Looking back: the top 10 news stories of 2017


Big brands and messages of diversity and acceptance topped the charts for news in 2017. Here’s a selection of some of our most-read news articles for the year, as chosen by you, the reader.

1. The most reputable company in Australia is from New Zealand


26 April: Air New Zealand is the most reputable company in Australia, according to an annual survey. Read more »


2. Foxtel’s rebrand is ‘for everyone’, but does that logo look a little familiar?


16 June: Foxtel unveiled a new logo and brand strategy designed to promote the brand as one ‘for everyone.’ Read more »


3. Google it: Why doesn’t this McDonald’s ad mention McDonald’s?


18 April: A new US McDonald’s ad campaign starring Mindy Kaling makes no mention of McDonald’s and asks viewers to “do a Google search for that place where Coke tastes so good.” Read more »


4. Airbnb calls for marriage equality with ‘Until we all belong’ videos and acceptance rings


3 April: Airbnb released a series of videos calling for marriage equality in Australia and asking viewers to wear an acceptance ring to show their support. Read more »


5. Coca-Cola unveils new-look ‘one brand’ packaging design for Australia


2 February: Coca-Cola is launching its new design system across the Coca-Cola product range in Australia. Read more »


6. Ancestry branded content series tests DNA of 17 Bondi Beach residents


18 January: Genealogy service Ancestry has introduced a new branded content series, ‘It’s a Small World’, which takes 17 residents of a Bondi Beach apartment block and uses DNA analysis to examine their heritage. Read more »


7. The six most sought-after soft skills you need to succeed


11 October: A solid base of these soft-skills can help you rise above the pack and future-proof your career. Read more »


8. Lamb chops and school shorts: will 2017 be the year diversity breaks into mainstream marketing?


13 January: MLA’s 2017 lamb ad and a Target catalogue sparked discussions on diversity in marketing, with each representing and celebrating diversity in Australia. Read more »


9. Sweden lists entire country on Airbnb


23 May: Sweden’s official tourism board has listed the entire nation on Airbnb. Read more »


10. Lululemon’s first men’s campaign challenges traditional perceptions of masculinity

Lululemon-Mark-Healy-620x306 (1)

14 September: Lululemon’s first ever men’s campaign aims to challenge traditional perceptions of masculinity. Read more »



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