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Visa redefines the future of commerce in new campaign targeted at ‘ageless progressives’


Visa redefines the future of commerce in new campaign targeted at ‘ageless progressives’


Visa’s latest brand campaign, targeted at ‘ageless progressives’, gives us a glimpse of its vision for the future of commerce.

Visa’s newest campaign, ‘The Future We’re Working On’, highlights the company’s aim to drive its own innovations and enable those of its partners. It will support the business’ innovation drive through a series of executions demonstrating strategic capabilities that together define the future of commerce.

Jac Phillips, head of marketing for Visa Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific says that the campaign is more than a showcase of Visa’s products.

“It’s about highlighting Visa’s role in creating and enabling truly integrated commerce experiences. It does this by bringing the potential of theInternet of Things to life, through wearables, mobile payments and the connected car,” Phillips says.

The three main creatives of the campaign surround themes like seamless living, the Internet of Things and joy.


Commenting on the audience, Phillips says the campaign is targeted at ‘ageless progressives’, a descriptor for 18-64-year-old high achievers and early adopters.

“Ageless progressives include creative types and social influencers. They’re modelled on the influential traits of Millennials, without the restriction of age. Whether in their 20s, 40s, or 60s, ageless progressives never stop being open to new solutions and experiences. Through this campaign, we’re aiming to help them understand Visa’s role as a technology brand, moving away from being seen as ‘the credit card company,” she adds.



The campaign will utilise mass reaching channels that include TV, digital, social, display and search.


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