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Food porn: Kraft Heinz’ Devour advertises on Pornhub before Super Bowl


Food porn: Kraft Heinz’ Devour advertises on Pornhub before Super Bowl


Brand safety be damned – in the lead-up to airing its Super Bowl commercial, Kraft Heinz has advertised its Devour frozen food brand on Pornhub.

Devour ran ads on the pornography site on Monday, sources tell Marketing (we swear). A banner read “Hot Food Porn: never just eat, Devour.” The activity is part of Devour’s ‘Food Porn’ campaign, built around a Super Bowl commercial.

An ‘uncensored’ version of the commercial appeared on Pornhub, depicting a young couple struggling with a food porn addiction. The girlfriend narrates the ad in a mockumentary style, full of innuendo, as the boyfriend is seen hiding his frozen meal packaging, getting caught watching ‘food porn’ in the middle of the day and, eventually, coercing his girlfriend into making ‘amateur food porn’ with him (feeding him frozen meals in bed on camera).

“Devour is explicitly talking about #Foodporn, which has become a cultural phenomenon with over 185 million posts on Instagram today,” says the brand in a statement.

Devour is certainly not the only brand hyping it’s Super Bowl commercial, Turkish Airlines has teased it’s Super Bowl ad directed by Hollywood legend Ridley Scott.

Amazon’s Super Bowl ad is set to be a star-studded piece surrounding its voice assistant, Alexa. The series of teasers for the ad feature Forest Whitaker, Harrison Ford, Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Glazer and astronaut twins Mark and Scott Kelly.

Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Devour said the one-day activation is “part of a humorous juxtaposition to highlight the concept of food porn that began with the release of the uncensored 60-second Big Game ad.”

Pornhub itself joined in the fun. On the day, the website’s logo was skewered with a fork above the banner advertisement. Pornhub has confirmed that the campaign began and concluded on Monday 28 January.


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