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Old Spice has a legendarily foolish new spokesman


Old Spice has a legendarily foolish new spokesman


Sweat and limitations are about to become things of the past, according to the latest campaign from mens grooming brand Old Spice.

The brand has recently launched a new line of body wash and antiperspirants and with the new range comes two fresh ads with a new face.

The ads continue Old Spice’s exaggerated portrayal of male bravado, but include a self-deprecating twist which breathes new life into the popular commercials.

The new spokesperson may be many things, but intelligent is not one of them. In the first ad he casually rides across the ocean on the back of a whale, hitting tennis balls served through its blowhole while a group of paparazzi take photos. All the while a voice over thoughtfully ponders on ‘how far is too far’ when it comes to pushing his limits.


The second ad answers his question, as he passes his limits by building a rocket car without any working knowledge of engineering. The car promptly falls apart and explodes, which leaves the hero undeterred as he explains: “The most valuable lesson I have ever learned is that if you fill your brain with knowledge, then there won’t be any room for dreams.”


The ad, created by US agency Wieden+Kennedy, is typically on-brand with its macho character and brings a new twist which ties in perfectly with the product line, ‘The Hardest Working Collection.’

The new hero earns his place in the lineup of popular spokespeople for the brand and his ill-fated rocket car and giant whale put to shame the white horse Isaiah Mustafa rode in on six years ago.



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