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Online affair between Pizza Hut and Four’N Twenty leads to “lovechild”


Online affair between Pizza Hut and Four’N Twenty leads to “lovechild”


As if Vegemite flavoured Cadbury Dairy Milk wasn’t enough of a surprising brand collaboration, Pizza Hut Australia and Four’N Twenty pies have created a lovechild: a meat lovers’ pizza with a meat pie stuffed crust.


Earlier this year for Australia Day, Pizza Hut created a Vegemite stuffed crust pizza. Now it’s taken its brand collaboration to another level stuffing its crusts with Four’N Twenty pies.

The two brands have been engaging online “in a form of online courtship that’d make Warney and Liz Hurley blush”, Pizza Hut says.

Pizza Hut Australia head of marketing and innovation Fatima Syed says the new limited time product, available nationally, is timed for “the heart of the footy season”.

This video gives an overview of how the collaboration worked on social media:



It all started out with some innocent flirting.


fourntwenty tweets


Then this happened.



And Four’N Twenty went quiet. Pizza hut wasn’t happy.  


pizza hut tweets


Then Pizza Hut dropped the bombshell.  



And FourNTwenty announced it to the world.



Here are some reactions from the public:  



fan reactions


fan reactions 2 fan reactions 2



Michelle Herbison

Assistant editor, Marketing Magazine.

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