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The best of Marketing in 2013 – a wrap up of our most popular stories


The best of Marketing in 2013 – a wrap up of our most popular stories


The end of the year is fast approaching, in among the parties, obligatory-end-of-year desk clean out and wearing shorts in the office, we have managed to find the time to crunch the numbers and dig out the most popular stories on Marketingmag.com.au in 2013.

Take a look at what everyone was clicking on this year.


The top five most read INTERVIEWS of 2013:

1. Jane Caro on youth marketing: ‘we look like a bunch of middle-aged arseholes’

2. Insights behind the most significant changes to Cadbury Dairy Milk in 132 years

The top five most read CASE STUDIES of 2013

1. She Runs The Night – strategy, execution, results of Nike’s groundbreaking campaign

2. Sony ‘DSLR Gear No Idea’ campaign

3. No Leave No Life: A triumph of Aussie branded entertainment

4. The Perfect Lager Project – analysis of the award-winning campaign

5. In the palm of your hand – Nokia’s launch of the first Windows based mobile


The top five most read OPINION of 2013:

1. Honda’s low-budget social media innovation BY MARK CAMERON

2. 8 reasons I hate working in social media BY HUGH STEPHENS

3. The 6 Ws of social content BY DAN GOODSWEN

4. 10 myths about agencies from a former client BY MATT MICHAEL

5.Developing a customer experience strategy BY MARK CAMERON


The top five most read NEWS stories of 2014:

1. IBM’s CEO on data, the death of segmentation and the 18-month deadline

2. Qantas porn incident teaches valuable lesson in social media management

3. Status Quo stars in new Coles ad with another parody song

4. Roxy ad dumb, embarrassing: Jane Caro on the spot sparking an online firestorm

5. They’re back: Rhonda and Ketut return to Aussie screens



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