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This billboard will change according to the weather


This billboard will change according to the weather


Out of home advertising, oOh! has created a billboard that will change the advertisement feature depending on the weather. The billboard features a series of panels which can change depending on various external factors allowing advertisers to transform their message depending on the local temperature outside.

The new digital technology allows ‘temperature-parting’ to provide advertisers with the opportunity to change their message based on the local temperature at specific location of an advertisement.

The first advertiser to implement the technology, Unilever, is promoting its Magnum and Lipton Iced Tea products to people when the daily maximum forecast temperature exceeds the monthly maximum average in the local area of the advertisement.

The advertisements triggered by specific weather conditions show as bonus appearances on the screen and are part of a guaranteed package for the company.

oOh!’s head of production John Purcell says, “This is the first time in Australia we’ve run a national campaign that uses the temperature to control what content plays.

“The best part is that each location automatically reacts to local conditions providing advertisers with an easy way to ensure highly targeted and relevant campaigns,” Purcell says.

Mindshare Strategist Catherine Rushton says that the hyper relevance this technology provides, by targeting the location and weather conditions, improves the ability to influence the impulse behaviour of consumers.

The panels could potentially also be used to tailor future campaigns depending on other external triggers such as sports scores or trending topics in social media.

As part of the wider national campaign both creative will appear in cafes, universities and on big billboards until 23 March 2014.


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