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Whos your fantasy blogger?


Whos your fantasy blogger?


Q. If you could read one marketing blog from any person in history, living or dead, whose blog would it be and why?

Jesus would have made an excellent marketing blogger.

As head of one of the leading brands in the most successful product category of all time (organised religion), his divine and inclusive insights would make for fascinating reading. And just imagine the reader feedback!

Hitler might also have produced interesting, albeit vile in his instance, marketing copy. Good blogs are direct and hard-hitting and Adolf’s no-nonsense Teutonic vitriol would have won few friends, but made for dynamic discussion.

Neither of them, to my knowledge, are blogging on these pages, or anywhere else for that matter. And let’s be honest, if they did want to voice marketing opinion they would probably be on some slick interactive network news show, where the ad breaks, for German cars and French shampoo, would cost heaps.

So dear reader, instead you get me, which, if you’ll indulge me a little longer, is not such a bad thing. I can’t promise to miraculously make Google out of Enron or make the planes run on time, but I can take you on a marketing journey of discovery and comment that offers both directness and inclusiveness. I hope you can join me for the ride.

But in the meantime, whose blog would you read from history, and why?


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