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Infographic: the top areas of growth (and decline) in ecommerce

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Infographic: the top areas of growth (and decline) in ecommerce


Anyone looking to start or grow their ecommerce store in 2014, have we got the infographic for you! Australian ecommerce platform Bigcommerce, has created an infographic that shows which industry categories are growing or declining and what we buy and sell online.

Key insights include:

  • Jewellery and accessories are growing fast – Bigcommerce stores in this vertical are up 31% in revenue in 2013,
  • automotive is booming – up a huge 89% on the same measure,
  • books, music, and movies are down – with the dominance of iTunes, Netflix and Amazon, stores in this category actually dropped 14%,
  • Bigcommerce stores in the computers and electronics category are growing faster than JB Hi-Fi online,
  • toy stores on Bigcommerce are growing faster than Toys-R-Us and LEGO, and
  • sporting goods stores on the platform are beating the entire market of online recreations retailers in Australia.

See the full infographic below:




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