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Front and centre – spring time opens consumers’ eyes to your brand

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Front and centre – spring time opens consumers’ eyes to your brand


Spring: time to fold up the blankets, open up the windows, do some spring cleaning and enjoy the sunshine. Not to mention, get some shopping done.

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Spring gives consumers many welcome excuses to head out to the shops; Father’s Day, school holidays and even Halloween. So whether launching a new product, trying to gain market share or wanting to influence the path-to-purchase, your brand needs to be in the right place, at the right time.

Moods and moments

While maximising impressions is all well and good, many a senior marketer will tell you that it’s no use talking to consumers when they’d rather be left alone. It’s about finding those moments of receptive behaviour, speaking to your customers when they’re in the mood to hear it.

And where are customers most receptive? According to Scentre Group’s proprietary Westfield iQ benchmark survey study in 2017, seven out of 10 customers are actively looking for advertising when visiting a Westfield centre. This means placement within a Westfield retail environment not only harnesses that moment of receptive behaviour, but capitalises on a mindset of openness and curiosity. Customers make the deliberate and independent decision to seek out brand interactions when visiting a Westfield – putting your comms on their terms.

Stay sticky

Let’s get academic for a second. According to a study in the International Journal of Research Marketing, advertising placed in retail environments was found to both increase net product utility and decrease price sensitivity for promoted items. This can be attributed to a number of factors, the most salient of which are proximity and price elasticity. Advertising in a retail environment has the unique element of ‘access’. In the dizzying world of digital, attention spans are shorter and advertising has naturally become less sticky – which is why it’s important to capitalise on brands being on the brain. Advertising in a Westfield centre, for example, where 7.4 million customers across the country visit six times a month for an average of 81 minutes each, allows brands to convert attention into intent.

Furthermore, visiting a Westfield centre is most often a recreational activity, which means customers are feeling happy, relaxed and more inclined to treat themselves. Another study in the Amercian Marketing Institute’s Journal of Research Marketing found that retail environment advertising also increases consumers’ sensitivity to price deal elasticity; meaning that seeing a promotional deal in that receptive mindset also loosens the purse strings a little.

When spring comes in

In Spring, the advantages of retail advertising is particularly pronounced. Emerging from hibernation, customers aren’t just shopping for themselves, but their loved ones also. Not only do the regular ebbs and flows of spring retail traffic peak during celebratory moments such as Father’s Day and school holidays; 29% of consumers will have already begun hunting for Christmas gifts. If Christmas is the Australian retailer’s ‘game day’, then consider spring the pre-season warm up.

In addition, spring fashion is the key fashion moment of the calendar year – for both males and females. Spring clothing sets the tone for hotter months of the year with defining colours and a lighter touch. Come the first sign of longer, warmer days, consumers will be flocking to spring sales to give their wardrobes some well-required refreshment.

Westfield is the first-choice shopping destination for many, and for many reasons. Particularly in spring, while shoppers enjoy scouring for deals and buying for friends and family, Westfield also offers options for entertainment, social occasions and, of course, fashion – all the while, keeping your brand front and centre.

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