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How Transurban created frictionless CX through mobile

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How Transurban created frictionless CX through mobile


As customer expectations rise, businesses must compete not only on price and product, but also on the strength of their customer experiences. 

Changes in the technology landscape have put customers in a position to dictate when and how they interact with brands, making the customer experience more important than ever in the quest for brand loyalty.

With internet users spending less time on desktop and more time on mobile, creating frictionless mobile experiences that address user needs is crucial to increasing customer satisfaction and improving product usage.

Toll-road operator Transurban has taken a customer-centric approach to the development of its mobile products, with a focus on creating a solution that makes it easier for customers to engage with its services.

Transurban recognised a shift in how infrequent travellers want to interact with toll roads. Research indicated that these customers want easy ways to manage and pay for tolls, without needing to commit to an ongoing account. Having identified these insights, Transurban developed a mobile app solution that would simplify the interactions infrequent travellers have with toll roads.

Marketing Mag LinktGO image on transparent 2 11 17The LinktGO app uses GPS technology to identify when a driver has entered and exited a toll road, replacing the need for a tag. Designed for ease of use, LinktGO allows users to sign up to the service using only their mobile phone number and their license plate number. The app provides a detailed view of trips taken and associated cost breakdowns and allows trip by trip payments, giving the customer total visibility. To help customers pay on time, the LinktGO app uses push notifications to let the user know when a payment is due.

Transurban partnered with location services experts Bluedot and award-winning app development studio Outware Mobile to deliver the LinktGO app. Bluedot’s proprietary geofencing technology ensures high level location accuracy in tracking a user’s location on a toll road, without draining the phone’s battery. The Melbourne and San Francisco based tech startup’s leading technology is used by Salesforce, News Corp, and Samsung to engage mobile users within areas as small as five metres wide. In order to ensure a positive experience for users, Outware undertook user testing sessions to continually refine and improve the app’s design. The result is a user interface that is simple and intuitive to use, while in the background, the app handles complex processes such as geofencing and payment processing.

By putting the customer at the centre of their product design, Transurban has created a solution that responds directly to their needs, giving them an empowering experience, through greater control and visibility of their toll road payments.

LinktGO is a prime example of how customer centricity in product design can create meaningful distinction among category players.


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