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Leveraging mobile technology to improve customer experience

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Leveraging mobile technology to improve customer experience


This article was developed by Marketing to promote Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s ‘Cross-Channel Checklist: Mobile Messaging’, which can be downloaded here.


You know your customers have their mobile phones at their side 24/7, so why not take advantage of the opportunities mobile technology offers your brand?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s ‘Cross-Channel Checklist: Mobile Messaging’ explains how mobile technology is helping marketers achieve their goals, engage customers and provide better services to their communities.

Did you know mobile offers are redeemed eight times faster than email? Marketers are realising the power of mobile technology and centralising it at the core of their marketing strategies.

Just some of the capabilities being used include:

  • Exchanging text, picture and video messages via SMS and MMS,
  • driving mobile app engagement using push technology, and
  • differentiating from competitors using location technology.

Depending on your business, mobile technology can help you deliver all kinds of information to your customers, such as:

  • Shipping confirmations,
  • account alerts,
  • appointment reminders,
  • personalised content, and
  • discount offers.

Just like email marketing, the first step towards a great mobile strategy is growing your list. The report explains the three steps to growing your mobile list:

  1. Utilise existing channels to promote mobile,
  2. provide a mobile-only incentive, and
  3. make it easy to download your app or opt-in.

Mobile channels are another way marketers can gain valuable insights into their customers by gathering preferences and tracking behaviour. The report goes through the three steps to getting to know your mobile subscribers in order to provide a one-to-one customer journey.

Case studies

In addition to advice and insights on mobile marketing, the report includes a range of case studies explaining how real-world marketers have used mobile marketing to achieve success in their businesses.

  • Harris Farm Markets: how the company developed a strong mobile strategy that set it apart from other grocers,
  • Snagajob: how the job matching company uses mobile to match hourly workers with employers, including using push notifications to encourage action,
  • Amaysim: how the mobile phone plan company combines email and SMS to create a smooth transition for customers onto new phone plans, and
  • Xerox: how the document technology and services company uses mobile as part of its multi-channel campaigns.

For more information, download the Cross-Channel Checklist: Mobile Messaging report here »




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