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Australians are happiest online when shopping – latest online habits report

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Australians are happiest online when shopping – latest online habits report


A new report measuring consumers’ time spent online found that 72% are happiest when shopping.

Ecommerce martech company Rokt has released its latest research, claiming that 72% of Australians are happiest online when they are shopping. In a survey of 4000 people (including 1048 Australians), 86% of respondents say they are happy when making a ‘long desired’ purchase of a online, 75% when watching a funny video, 46% when checking email and 39% when checking bank accounts.

“Actual consumer behaviour on the Rokt platform supports that users are most engaged and receptive during the transaction,” comments CMO at Rokt, Geoff Smith. “Across more than a billion transactions, more than one third opted in to an offer from another brand.”   

“The engagement, focus and sentiment, providing an ideal opportunity to setup the next transaction or introduce them to a complementary third-party brand.”

Surveying the emotions of consumers making online purchases, Rokt found that 64% of respondents feel happy, 49% feel excited and 33% felt as though they were being productive – specifically, Australian respondents reported that they feel three times more productive spending their time online shopping rather than on social media.

After completing a transaction, 34% of respondents say they are open to further offers from the same brand, 23% express interest in joining loyalty programs and 13% are willing to entertain personalised offers from unknown brands.

Smith continues, “The clear opportunity that presents itself for brands to engage with consumers is significantly greater when they are in a buying mindset, over and above  search or social-based campaigns. This has been proven by our analytics, and confirmed by this research.”

Rokt’s survey also asked consumers about their online spending habits in the previous two weeks:

  • 46.4% apparel
  • 29.2% groceries and household items
  • 28%  beauty and personal care products
  • 24.9% electronics
  • 23.9% books
  • 23.3% travel and accommodation
  • 19.2% tickets (concerts and sports games)
  • 12.6% furniture and decor
  • 11.9% wine and alcohol, and
  • 8.4% finance products.


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Image copyright: Brooke Lark

Josh Loh

Josh Loh is assistant editor at MarketingMag.com.au

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