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Bunnings research shows acts of service is the new love language

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Bunnings research shows acts of service is the new love language


A Bunnings finding has stated that Aussies prefer an act of service rather than a physical gift for Valentine’s Day.

This year, eight in ten Aussies are ditching the flowers and chocolates and are craving for quality time. 

With the cost of living increasing, two in three Aussies have stated that it has made them less likely to expect expensive gifts for Valentine’s Day, with only a third of couples’ plan to give or receive gifts on February 14.

The research also indicated that the top tanked thing that partners would want on the annual day of love is for them to ‘fix something around the home’ (21 percent). With others stating they would like gifts (20 percent), handmade gifts (15 percent), chocolates (14 percent) and flowers (12 percent). 

But as 14 February looms, the topic of love languages has risen as a way to understand how couples best express and receive love. The Bunnings research outlined that ‘act of service’ was the most popular choice for Aussies (30 percent). This was followed by quality time (20 percent), words of affirmation (17 percent), physical touch (11 percent) and gifts (7 percent).

However, relationship psychologist Emma Cholakians says doing an act of service is more than doing household chores.

“An act of service can demonstrate that you have a deeper emotional understanding of your partner’s needs through doing something that will help them in a practical sense,” she says. 

“This can alleviate your significant other’s stress or worry about completing a task, as well as showing that you are thinking about them. For an act of service to truly land it requires thought, planning, time, effort, energy and also needs to be completed in a positive and willing way for it to demonstrate an expression of love.” 

But, Bunning’s Workshop D.I.Y expert Mitch Mclean stated that Aussies have on average a list of 10 tasks to tend to around home, explaining it is no surprise that Aussies want a fix-it service over flowers. 

“Your Valentine’s Day gift this year could be as simple as hanging a picture, weeding the garden or painting a door that’s in need of a refresh and the best part is it will be easy on the wallet whilst making for a meaningful gesture for your partner,” he explains.



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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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