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PETA launches ad campaigning to stop turkey feasts at Christmas

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PETA launches ad campaigning to stop turkey feasts at Christmas


PETA has launched its first ever Christmas ad, campaigning for people to stop eating turkey on Christmas. 

The organisation is hoping to “open viewers’ eyes” to the smart, sociable birds that end up being eaten as tradition on Christmas. PETA teamed up with creative agency Dream Farm that helped create the two-minute animated ad telling the story of ‘Toby’ the turkey escaping from an abattoir-bound truck. 

The advert shows Toby seated and not served at the Christmas table – showcasing the turkey as being a member of the family. The advert comes about after the organisation’s fight to end millions of turkeys being slaughtered for Christmas dinners in Australia.

The aim of the advert is to make audiences question the status quo and break Christmas traditions. 

PETA’s campaign advisor, Mimi Bekhechi has stated, Turkeys like Toby are gentle, gracious, and gregarious individuals, and each one has a story that should not end on a fork.”

“PETA urges everyone to share comfort and joy this Christmas by enjoying a delicious vegan feast. We stand ready to help with our free vegan starter kit,” she says.

The organisation is campaigning for a vegan Christmas and is trying to diminish old traditions. The ads ends on an emotional note: “Peace on Earth begins at home. Have a vegan Christmas.”


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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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